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  • Bronica Identification/Features

    In 1974, Ehrenreich Photo-Optical Industries published a nice little booklet titled Bronica Product Guide, It outlined the basic features and differences between the various models of the Bronica.

    Bronica Deluxe ("D")

    The Bronica Deluxe, of "D" model was the first camera introduced by Zenza Bronica. The Deluxe is easily recognized by the following key features:

  • Focusing mount integral part of body.
  • No advance crank on right side.
  • Focusing scale on upper part of advance/focus knob.
  • Speed dial on outside face of advance/focus knob.
  • Self-timer scale on left side of body.
  • Double exposure dial on right side of body.
  • 3 stud male bayonet fitting on bottom of camera body.
  • Focus lock lever on right front of body.

    The DeLuxe has double exposure capability, shutter speeds to 1/1250th second, a 2-10 second self-timer which also allowed timed long exposures of 2-10 seconds and a locking lever to lock the camera's focusing mount at any desired point.

    All small bayonet mount Auto-Nikkor and Zenzanon lenses fit the DeLuxe, as well as all five "S" series prisms and hoods. The S2A grips, however, will not fit fue to the bayonet fitting on the camera base, and a special tripod adapter #81502 was required to use either of these grips.

    Bronica "S"

    This is the second model introduced by Bronica. It was available in chrome only and can be identified as follows:

  • Fixed, non-removable chrome focusing mount.
  • PC contact on front of body.
  • Mirror lock w/switch below shutter release.
  • Distance scale and focus control on ring around advance crank.
  • Speed dial on left side of body.

    The S model was introduced while the DeLuxe was still in production and represented a simplified version of that camera. Top speed was lowered to 1/1000th second and the self-timer/long exposure control, double exposure and focus lock were eliminated.

    All Small bayonet mount Bronica Nikkor lenses fit the S body. The 105mm f/3.5 Nikkor and 300mm f/4.5 Zenzanon will not fit. A special focusing mount adapter for tele-Nikkor lenses was made for the S fixed mount, but was not sold in the U.S. The present focusing tube will not fit the S camera. This model also requires a special extension tube set and bellows. The current tubes and bellows do not fit the S mount.

    All prisms, hoods and grips as well as the sportsfinder for the S2A will fit the S.

    Bronica "C"

    The Bronica C was introduced in 1965 while the "S" was still being produced, and is the only model made by Bronica without interchangeable backs. Intended as an economy version of the "S" it incorporated several features of the "D" and the new focusing mount soon to appear on the S2.

    Identifying features are:

  • Does not have interchangeable backs.
  • Shutter speeds to 1/500th or 1/1000th second (see note).
  • Double exposure control on dial on right side near frame counter setting switch.
  • Removable focusing unit with distance scales for 50, 75, 135 and 200mm lenses.

    Inserts for the S2/S2A will fit the "C" as will all lenses, hoods, prisms and grips. The original extension tubes and bellows were replaced with new ones to fit the changed focusing system. A special adapter allowed the use of the original S type bellows on the C and later models.

    NOTE: Bronica "C" models sold in the Japan Domestic Market had a top speed of 1/500 second. Export models had a 1/1000 second top speed. There is no other difference in the cameras.

    Bronica S2

    The Bronica S2 followed the S in 1966 and incorporated a number of new features. The primary change was the switch to a removable helical type focusing mount. Identifying points are:

  • Removable helical (totating) focusing mount has black knurled knob for focusing on front of camera body.
  • No distance scale or focus control on advance knob.
  • Small release button for focus ring on front of body.
  • No mirror lock switch on bottom of body.
  • Body now available in black or chrome.
  • PC contact now on left side of body.

    With the change in design to a front helical focusing mount, the accessory systems for Bronica were also changed.

    Lenses.....All Bronica Nikkor and Zenzanon lenses fit the S2, including the large bayonet 105mm and 300mm. The focusing tube for the Tele-Nikkors is the (current) #81505 unit.

    Accessories.....All prisms, hoods, grips, etc., that fit the (current) S2A will fit the S2.

    Bronica S2A

    In 1969, the S2 was replaced with an internally modified version, identified as the S2A. Since there were almost no external changes, the model is identified by the designation S2A following the serial number.

    In 1973, a minor change was made in the neckstrap studs, altering so that they would accept the same neckstrap as the EC model. At that time, the S2A marking after the serial numbere was dropped. New series S2A cameras without the S2A marking start with body number 150037.

    Bronica EC

    The Bronica EC was introduced in March of 1972 and represents a new generation of Bronica design.

    The primary innovation of this model is stepped electronically controlled shutter speeds from 4 seconds to 1/1000 second. The external evidence of this unique feature is the oblong battery compartment in the base of the camera, and the button and battery check light on the top left side of the body.

    In addition, the EC offers double exposure control (on the film back on the right side), mirror lock up (lever on the left side), locking PC terminal, dark slide storage pocket, split mirror, interchangeable focusing screens and many other features.

    All lenses of the Bronica system fit the EC, as does the extension tube set. A new series of grips, #82014 L gripand #82042 pistol grip fit both the EC and the S2A. The EC has its own bellows, which due to the longer mirror has a different mounting plate than the S2A version, and its own series of prisms, finders and backs.