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CRAIGCAMERA.COM IS NOW RE-OPENED. Our founder John S. Craig died on Friday February 25, 2011.

I appreciate your loyalty and all your kind words about my husband John.

I will accept your orderes by e-mail or snail mail at the following addresses: Hon. Joyce Krutick Craig (Ret.) at craigcamera@outlook.com or at our post office box PO 1637 Torrington, CT.If you wish to pay with a credit card I will send you a PayPal invoice. You click on the link supplied and you can enter your credit card information. I will also accept check or money order, or PayPal. The telephone is now working. Please give me the items you wish to purchase and your address so that I can determine the shipping costs. I ask that you be patient with me as John refused to teach me to run the business and this will be trial and error for me. PLEASE NOTE: I HAVE LOCATED MOST OF ITEMS NUMBERED #90000 THROUGH 90245. HOWEVER, PLEASE INCLUDE NOT ONLY THE ITEM NUMBER BUT THE DESCRIPTION OF THE ITEM AS THEY ARE IN FILE DRAWERS THAT ARE FILED ALPHABETICALLY AND THE INVENTORY NUMBER IS NOT ANYWHERE ON OR IN THE FILE DRAWERS. THANK-YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AS I LEARN WHERE EVERYTHING IS LOCATED!



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  • Information about my office hours, extended times I may be on business or holiday trips, or collector's shows I may be attending will be found on my home page.

    Instruction Manuals
    150,000+ In Stock

    I buy hundreds of instruction books every month; you can pretty much safely assume I have all these in stock. "Reprint" is a high-quality photocopy; most are cut and bound to original size.

    THE PREVIOUS STATEMENT APPLIED ONLY WHILE JOHN WAS ALIVE. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT I HAVE EVERYTHING IN STOCK. I AM ONLY SELLING FROM EXISTING STOCK AND WILL NOT REPLACE ANYTHING THAT BECOMES SOLD OUT. Most orders are shipped same day, with delivery to most ZIP-coded addresses in two to four business days at a shipping charge of just $5.95. Orders totaling more than $100.00 will incur a slightly higher insurance fee. Minimum air mail shipping charges to Canada and Mexico (not insured) are $4.95; to most other countries worldwide, $9.95.

    Payment may be made by cash, check in US funds drawn on a US bank, Money Order, or PayPal (with a PayPal account or credit card). 'toolbar=no,width=600,height=500,status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,menubar=no,location=no');return false">Order Form. I do NOT have a link to PayPal on this site; please go to your PayPal account, use the "send money" feature, and make payment to john@craigcamera.com if using this option. Otherwise, you may order by e-mail, snail-mail, phone or fax.

    A current printed catalog of all my available manuals will be included with your order.

    If you have any problems with any of the links below, or any comments or suggestions for improvement, please let me know.

    Brands include: Academy, Access, Accura, Achiever, Acme-Lite, Acon, Acro, Adams, Adox, AGFA, Agnekolor, Airequipt, Aires, Akarex, Albert Specialty, Albinar, Alfon, Alpa, Alpex, Ambico, American Brand, American Camera Company, American Optical Co., American Photo Lab, Ampro, Analite, ANSCO, Anthony & Scovill, Apollo, Arette, ARGUS, Arion, Arkay, Arriflex, Arvin, Ascor, Atlas-Warner, Austin, Auto

    INSTRUCTION MANUALS B Brands include: Baia, Balda, Balkar, Barnett, Baskon, Bauer, Bausch & Lomb, Beattie-Coleman, Beaulieu, Beauty, Beier, Belca, BELL & HOWELL, Bentley, Bertram, BESELER, Bewi, Bilora, Bioflex, Bittco, Blair, BM Inc., Bogen, BOLEX, Bolsey, Bowens, Bower, Braun, Brockway, Broncolor, BRONICA, Brooks, Brumberger, Buff, Buhl, Burke & James, Burstein, Busch, Bushnell, Butcher

    INSTRUCTION MANUALS C Brands include: Cabin, Calumet, Cambo, Cambron, Camerz, Camflex, Cander, CANON, Capital, Capro, Carena, Cariole, Casio, Cavalier, Celestron, Cemco, Certo, Chalange, Chess-United, Chicago Ferrotype, CHINON, Cibachrome, Cinekon, Cinemax, Cinema Products, Cinklox, Ciro, Clarus, Classic, Coleman, Colorstar, Comet, Companion, Compco, Compur Shutters, Concord, Contess-aNettel, Continental, Copal Shutters, Corfield, Corona, Coronet, Cosina, Cosmorex, Courtenay, Crawford, Creatron, C.R.I.S/Kyoritsu, Crown, Croydon, Cullmann, Curtis (Color), Cybes

    INSTRUCTION MANUALS D, E, F, G Brands include Da-Lite, Dacor, Dacora, Davis & Sanford, Daylab, Debonair, DeJur, Delta, Demitron, DeMornay Budd, Detrola, DeVry, Diana, Diax, Diramic, Ditto, Dormitzer, Dorn, Dot Line, Dover, Drem, Drew, DuKane, Durex, Durst, DXG, Dynalite, Eastar, Eaton, Ebner,Echo, Eclair, Eho, Eiki, Elite, Elmo, Elwood, Emdeko, EMP, Entre, Epson, Etalon, Etchadine, Eumig, EWA, Excel. Expo-Rite, Expophot, F-22, Fairchild, Falcon, Farallon/Oceanic, Fed, Federal, Fisher-Price, Flash Wizard, Focal, Formula V, Foth, Foto Corp., Fotron (Traid), FR, Franka-Werk, Franklin, FUJICA, Fujimoto, Fujita, Futura, Galileo, Gatling, Gemflex, General Electric, Glanz, Gocho, Goerz, Goko, Gold Crest, Golde, Goldeck, Gomz, Goodwin, GOSSEN, GRAFLEX, GraLab, Graphic Products, GRC, Green Things

    INSTRUCTION MANUALS H, I, J Brands include: Hahnel, Halina, Hameel, HANIMEX, Hansa, Harrison, Harvey, HASSELBLAD, Haynes, HCE, Heliopan, Herbert George, Hershey, Heurtier, Hewlett-Packard, Hickok, Hikari, Hills, HITACHI, Hitacom, Hollywood Cine, HONEYWELL, Horizont, Horseman, Horvex, Hoya, Hyundai, Ica, Ideal, IHAGEE (EXAKTA), Ikegami, Ikelite, Ilford, Iloca, Image, Impac, International Audio Visual, ITT, Iwami, Janpol, Jelco, Jem, Jobo, Johnson, JVC

    INSTRUCTION MANUALS K Brands include: Kako, Kalart, Kalimar, Kamero, Kardon, Kenko, Kenro, KEYSTONE, Kiev, Kimax, Kindermann, Kinon, Kinox, Kiron, KIS Photo, Kobena, Koboron, KODAK, KODAK RETINA, Komax, Kombi, KONICA, Kopil, Korelle, Korvette, Kosokki, KOWA, Krauss, KW, Kwik-Flex

    INSTRUCTION MANUALS L Brands include: LaBelle, Lacon (see Shimano), Lafayette, Lavec, LEICA, Leidolf, Lektra, Lektro, Lenmar, Lentar, Leotax, Leudi, Lifa, LINHOF, Lipca, Lowe-Opta, LPL, Lubitel, Lucky, Luxon, Lycon, Lytar

    INSTRUCTION MANUALS M Brands include: McBeth, MacKenzie, Mag/Moviola, Magic Photoret, Magnacam, Magnavox, Magnon, Maier-Hancock, Makinon, MAMIYA, Manon, Mansfield, Marshall, Mashva, Mast, Master, Meade, Mec, Media Master, Melico, Memorex, Meopta, Meridian, Metrophot, METZ, Meyer, Midas, Military, Miller Outcalt, Miloflex, Minicam, 3-M, MINOLTA, MINOX, MIRANDA, Mitcaon, Mitchell, Mitsubishi, Monarck, Montgomery Ward, Mornick, Morris, Morse, Movie-Mite, Multiblitz, Multilith

    INSTRUCTION MANUALS N Brands include: Includes Nasco, Natco, National, National Camera, National Instrument, Nebro, Neoca, NIKON CAMERAS, NIKON ACCESSORIES, NIKON LENSES, Nimslo, Nishika, Nissin, Nizo, Norman, Norwood, Novatron, Novoflex

    INSTRUCTION MANUALS O, P Brands include: Okaya, Olden Camera, OLYMPUS, OMEGA, Opta-Vue, Opto/Graphics, Orbiter, Osawa, Osram, Ozalid, Paimex, Pako, Panagor, PANASONIC, Paragon, Paterson, Pathe, PCA, Pearl River, Peerless, J.C. Penny, PENTAX, Pentina, Perfex, Personal Protection Products, PETRI, Pfaff, Phaostron, Pho-Tak, Phoenix, Photo Compact, Photo Materials, Photogenic, Photographic Mfg Co, Photoscop, Photovolt, Photrix, Picco, Pickwick, Pierce, Pioneer, Plaubel, Pleasant, Polaris, POLAROID, Ponder & Best, Popular, PRAKTICA, Premier, Premo, Primo, Prinz, PRO (Promaster, Promatic), Projection Optics, Prontor Shutters
    INSTRUCTION MANUALS Q, R Brands include QRS, Quantaray, Quantum, Quasar, Rada, Radex, RCA, Realist (David White Co.), Rebikoff, Rectaflex, Reeve, Reflecta, Reflex Camera Co., Regula, REVERE, Richard, RICOH, Rittreck, Rival, ROBOT, Rodenstock, Rokinon, Rokunar, Rolfix, ROLLEIFLEX, Rollop (See Lipca), Rolls, Rondo, RToyal, Royce

    INSTRUCTION MANUALS S Brands include: Sabre, Sakar, Samoca, Samos, Samsung, San-Star, Sankyo, Saunders, Sawyer's, Schleussner, Science & Mechanics, Sea & Sea, Seagull, Seal, Sealife, Sears, Sedic, SEI, Seimax, SEKONIC, Seneca, Shackman, Sharp, Shepherd, Shimano, Showa, Sigma, Sima, Simma-Color, Simon, Simplex, Sims, Sinar, Singer, Sirchie, Siro, Skan, Sky, Snook, Soligor, SONY, Sooter, Spartus, Spectra, Spectron, Speed-o-Matic, Speedotron, Spencer, Spindler & Sauppe, Spiratone, Sports Illustrated, Spot-o-Matic, Spotron, Squibb Taylor, Star-D, Starblitz, Starflex, Starlite, Stere-E-O, Stereo-Tach, Stewart-Warner, Sun, SUNPAK, Sunset, Suntar, Suntax, Superscope, Supersound, Suydam, SVE, Sylvania, Synchronex, Synchtron

    INSTRUCTION MANUALS T, U, V Brands include: T&G Unlimited, Ta-Mar, Tamron, Taron, TDC, Technal, Technicolor, Tektronix, Telex, Tempophot, Tessina, Thomas, Tiffen, TIME, Time-O-Lite, Tokina, Topcon, Toshiba, Tower, Toyo, Tristar, Tru View, TSI, Ultrablitz, Unicolor, Unittic, Universal, Unomat, Utilitron, Utility Mfg Co, Valette, Varicon, Ventura, Vernon, Viceroy, Victar, Victor, View-Master, Viewlex, Visatec, Vista, Vive, VIVITAR, VOIGTLANDER, Vokar, Votar
    INSTRUCTION MANUALS W, X, Y, Z Brands include: Walz, Warner, Watson, Weimar, Wein, Welch, Welta, Werlissa, Western Camera, Western Instruments, Westomat, Weston, Weston-Reed, White Lighting (See Buff), Whitehouse, Widelux, Wilmar, Wilson, Windsor, Winpro, Wirgin, Wista, Wittanuer, Wollensak, Wotan, X-Rite, Yamatar, Yamato, YASHICA (Kyocera), Yelco, Zalco, ZEISS, Zenit, Zenith, Zenith Electronics, Zimmerman, Zoomar, Zorki, Zykkor