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  • Bargain Books and Manuals
    This is a random listing of photographic books, manuals, etc. that fall into one of two categories: either they are (1) really cheap and I don't consider them worth the effort of extensive description and inclusion on my other pages; or (2) they are in less than Excellent condition. Pages may be bent, spines may be worn, covers may be soiled. BUT THEY ARE CHEAP! Major damage will be noted. Descriptions are minimal, because the price doesn't warrant much of my time, but it beats letting them just sit in my warehouse. Please refer to "Bargain Page" when ordering.
    Prices do NOT include shipping;
    Sold items deleted daily

    #92236.  CBA Projection Lamp  I bought a bunch of these in seemingly new condition, without boxes. Some seem to be a little loose in their ceramic base, but all are unused. I sell the CBA in its original box for $25.00. I am offering you FOUR of these non-boxed bulbs for the same price--$25.00. If one works fine, you're even; if two, three or four work well, you're way ahead. If all four are defective, I'll exchange them or refund your purchase price. $25.00

    #92265. Maloney, Tom, ed., US Camera (Annual), 1962  216pp, hc, fully illus. Minor wear, light foxing on end papers, staining on flyleaf; with worn d/j.  $10.00

    #92426. (Modern Photo Guide) Basic Child Photography, 1982.  120pp, paper covers, fully illus. Almost as new.  $5.00

    #92256. Busch, David W. Digital Photography, 1995  196pp, paper covers, fully illus. Litle worn.  $5.00

    #92499. Carothers, Steven, and Gail Roberts, Photogapher's Dialogue, 1989  "Popular and Preferred Imagery in American Photography." Boca Raton: Social Issues and Boca Raton Museum of Art. 144pp, paper covers, 8-1/2x11". Profusely illus. EX.  $10.00

    #92427. (Modern Photo Guide) Color Photography, 1982.  120pp, paper covers, fully illus. Almost as new. "With Self-Teaching Technique Tips."  $5.00

    #92270. Davis, William S., Practical Amateur Photography, 1939  New York: 264pp, hc, with d/j. Minute wear to d/j.  $5.00

    #92512. Fearnley, Bernard, Child Photography, 1972  Focal Press: 132pp, hc, fully illus. Little wear, torn d/j.  $5.00

    #92524. Hornby, George, ed. Photographing America, 1976  EKCo.: 256pp, hc, oversize, fully illustrated. Beautiful coffee table book. EX, with d/j.  $10.00

    #92500. Iles, George, Flame, Electricity and the Camera, 1901  "Man's Progress from the First Kindling of Fire to the Wireless Telegraph and the Photography of Color." New York: 396pp, hc, illus. Ex-lib; VG condition.  $10.00

    #92299. (Time-Life Books), Life Library of Photography Photographer's Handbook, 1970  64pp, fully illus. Few marks on cover.  $5.00

    #92518. (American Photography), Masterpieces from American Photography, 1950  Volume III, "Masterworks of Photography Library". 82pp (plates), spiral bound, paper covers. Minute wear to cover.  $10.00

    #92513. Maskell, Henry P., ed., Photography, 1912  Concise Knowledge Library: 438pp, hc, illus. Superb volume for the time; Ex-lib, shaken,and lot of wear, chipping to spine. Wonderful reference for the time.  $30.00

    #92498. Miller, Thomas H., and Wyatt Brummitt, This is Photography, "Its Means and Ends", 1945  New York: Garden City. 260pp, hc, fully illus. A classic.  $5.00

    #92521. (Eastman Kodak Co.) Photo Tips & Techniques, 1980  EKCo., Amphoto. 192pp, hc, fully illus. Minuscule wear to cover, else EX.  $5.00

    #92486. Schneider, Josef Child Photography The Modern Way, 1955  Amphoto: 208pp, hc, fully illus. EX.  $5.00

    #92501. Walker, Leslie C., The Technique of Painting with Light, 1940  Los Angeles: 160pp, hc, illus. Some foxing of first few and last few pages; else nice reference.  $8.00

    #92322. Original Instruction Manual: Argus C-44 Camera  Worn; lot of corners folded.  $5.00

    #92293. Original Instruction Manual: Bolex Zoom Reflex Automatic S-1 Camera  Cover badly worn, else ok.  $6.00

    #92439. Original Instruction Manual: Bronica SQ-Ai Camera Body  Cover worn, torn at spine; lot of page corners folded.  $10.00

    #92041. Original Instruction Manual: Canon AT-1 Camera   $8.00

    #92455. Original Instruction Manual: Canon EOS A-2 Camera  Cover shows lot of wear, else ok.  $8.00

    #92318. Original Instruction Manual Canon FTb Camera  Extensive taping on front and back covers, spine.  $8.00

    #92452. Original Instruction Manual: Canon Pellix-QL Camera  EX, except cover separated at spine.  $6.00

    #92333. Original Instruction Manual: Canon TLb Camera  Cover taped, worn, else ok.  $6.00

    #92433. Original Instruction Manual: Canon Speedlite 300EZ  Cover worn, torn. Contents fine.  $5.00

    #92260. Original Instruction Manual Chinon SLR Camera  Two-inch area inside first two pages where they were stuck together; general wear.  $10.00

    #92283. Feininger, Andreas, Successful Color Photograhy, 1968  4th Printing; 272pp, hc, illus. EX, with d/j.  $6.00

    #92489. Herwig, Ellis, The Handbook of Color Photography, 1982  "How to See and Photograph Color in All Situations...". Amphoto: 160pp, paper covers, fully illus. EX.  $6.00

    #92273. Isert, G., The Art of Colour Photography, 1971  Focal Press: 410pp, hc, fully illus. Extensive and detailed look at all aspects of color photography at the time. EX, just somewhat out of date.  $8.00

    #92267. Nadler, Bob The Color Printing Manual, 1978  New York: approx. 250pp, hc, fully illus. Cover shows minute wear, else EX.  $10.00

    #92373. Original Instruction Manual: Ihagee EXA Camera  Cover originally had extended fold-out; all separated, taped. Else ok.  $5.00

    #92438. Original Instruction Manual: Fujica AZ-1 Camera  Cover worn, torn; back page torn; else ok.  $6.00

    #92306. Original Instruction Manual: Fuji DL-400 Tele Camera  Cover taped, worn, else ok.  $5.00

    #92474. Original Instruction Manual: Graflex Pacemaker Graphics (Speed, Crown), 1947  Covers badly worn, taped; lot of page corners folded.  $6.00

    #92289. Original Instruction Manual: Pacemaker Crown/Speed Graphic Cameras, 1955  cover taped, restapled; else o.k.  $7.00

    #92416. Original Instruction Manual: Graflex Pacemaker Graphics (Crown, Speed), 1948  cover badly worn, soiled; else ok.  $10.00

    #92341. Original Instruction Manual: Exakta VX1000 Camera  Cover torn; else ok.  $8.00

    #92327. Original Instruction Manual: Kalart (Press) Camera  Cover stained; wrinkled pages throughout testify to previous dampness damage.  $8.00

    #92067. Kodak Magazine: Photo Spotlight, 1934-1942  Lot of ten issues, each approx. 32pp; minor wear to covers, else ok.  $15.00

    #92404. Original Instruction Manual: Kodak Retina IIIC (Large C) Camera  Cover badly worn, taped; contents ok.  $6.00

    #92454. Original Instruction Manual: Kodak Retina IIIC (Large C) Camera  Cover worn, torn; contents fine.  $8.00

    #92369. Original Instruction Manual: Kodak Retina Reflex III Camera  Cover badly scuffed.  $5.00

    #92368. Original Instruction Manual: Kodak Retina Reflex III Camera  Cover worn, taped, loose.  $5.00

    #92398. Original Instruction Manual: Kodak Retina Reflex S Camera  Cover badly worn, edges rough.  $6.00

    #92394. Original Instruction Manual: Konica Auto-Reflex Camera (Original Model)  Litle worn; page corners folded.  $10.00

    #92352. Original Instruction Manual: Konica AutoReflex A-3 Camera  Cover has large piece torn out; else ok.  $5.00

    #92362. Original Instruction Manual: Konica AutoReflex TC Camera  Lot of wear to front cover; pages bent; entire book folded at some point.  $5.00

    #92464. Original Instruction Manual: Konica C-35 Camera  Cover separated at spine; taped.  $5.00

    #92363. Original Instruction Manual: Konica FC-1 Camera  Back cover torn off, else ok.  $5.00

    #92367. Original Instruction Manual: Konica FS-1 Camera  Top edge of cover, and top edge of few pages ragged; slightly torn.  $5.00

    #92366. Original Instruction Manual: Konica FS-1 Camera  Cover bent, worn, else ok.  $5.00

    #92254. Cooper, Joseph C. Leica Pocket Companion, 1962  Little worn; chipped cover.  $5.00

    #92311. Emanuel, W.D. Leica Guide, 1972  Focal Press; 136pp, paper, fully illus. Cover, spine worn. 42nd edition.  $6.00

    #92255. Emanuel, W.D. Leica Guide, 1975  Pocket-size guide; Focal Press. 148pp; cover and spine worn.  $5.00

    #92310. Matheson, Andrew, Leicaflex Guide, 1968  Focal Press; 128pp, paper, fully illus. Cover, spine worn.  $6.00

    #92516. Matheson, Andrew, The Leica and Leicaflex Way, 1972  Focal Press: 10th Revised Edition. 540pp, hc, fully illus. Little wear, generally EX; with d/j.  $15.00

    #92160. Morgan, Willard D., et. al., The Leica Manual, 1936  2nd ed, revised, first printing, December, 1936. 504pp, hc, fully illus. Cover, page edges minutely soiled, else EX.  $12.00

    #92280. Reprint Catalog: Leica Camera (Equipment), 1931  Hove Camera reprint: 96pp, paper covers, illus. No pricing. Superb reference; cover has slight tear.  $8.00

    #92415. Original Instruction Manual: Leica IIIC Camera  Cover worn, separated at spine; else ok.  $10.00

    #92414. Original Instruction Manual: Leica IIIC Camera  cover badly worn, taped; contents EX.  $10.00

    #92478. Original Instruction Manual: Leica IIIc Camera  Cover badly worn, torn, taped; else ok.  $8.00

    #92345. Original Instruction Manual: Leica M3, 1955  Front and back covers badly soiled; some page corners folded.  $5.00

    #92346. Original Instruction Manual: Leica M3, 1957  Cover soiled; book folded once.  $5.00

    #92453. Original Instruction Manual: Leica M-5 Camera  EX, except all pages show wrinkles from moisture damage at some point.  $6.00

    #92339. Original Instruction Manual: Mamiya MSX-500 Camera  Cover marked, taped; contents ok  $6.00

    #92355. Original Instruction Manual: Minolta Hi-Matic F Camera  lot of writing on cover, some on interior pages.  $5.00

    #92374. Original Instruction Manual: Minolta Maxxum 2xi Camera  Extensive "wrinkling" of page edges from old liquid (coffee?) spill; contents ok.  $6.00

    #92435. Original Instruction Manual: Minolta Maxxum 3xi Camera  Cover badly worn, torn.  $5.00

    #92434. Original Instruction Manual: Minolta Maxxum 7xi Camera  Cover worn, torn; lot of pages wrinkled at bottom from moisture damage.  $5.00

    #92338. Original Instruction Manual: Minolta Maxxum 7000i Camera  Cover has lot of margic marker marks; else EX.  $8.00

    #92365. Original Instruction Manual: Minolta SR-TMC Camera  Cover marked and soiled, else ok.  $8.00

    #92356. Original Instruction Manual: Minolta XG-1(n) Camera  Little worn; pen marks on cover.  $8.00

    #92309. Original Instruction Manual: Miolta Auto Meter II  Folded several times; pen marks on cover.  $8.00

    #92395. Original Instruction Manual: Miox 35EL  Fine, except for punched 1/4" hole through entire book near top.  $6.00

    #92469. Original Instruction Manual: Minox EL Camera  Fairly worn, wrinkled.  $5.00

    #92295. Original Instruction Manual: Minox BL Camera  Fine, except for holes punched along bottom edge.  $6.00

    #92263.  The Nikon Image, 1975  "A collection of Contemporary Photographic Art from 17 of Today's Greatest Photographers." 140pp, hc, fully illus. No d/j. EX.  $15.00

    #92266. Photocopied Service Manual: Nikon F3 Camera, 1980  Fair photocopy; appears to be complete, but I did not look at it page by page. Includes exploded views, parts listings, service information. Copy of the Nikon factory service manual.  $10.00

    #92421. Original Instruction Manual: Nikon F Photomic Camera, 1965  Cover badly worn, taped. Also taped inside back cover and in center of book. Contents ok.  $15.00

    #92448. Original Instruction Manual: Nikon F2 Photomic Camera  Cover worn, torn; many page corners slightly folded.  $8.00

    #92320. Original Instruction Manual: Nikon FA Camera  Cover worn, lot of underlining inside with pen.  $6.00

    #92321. Original Instruction Manual: Nikon FA Camera  Cover very worn, couple pages loose.  $6.00

    #92413. Original Instruction Manual: Nikon FE2 Camera  Lot of wrinkling on bottom of pages from sme old moisture. Still fully usable.  $6.00

    #92316. Reprinted Instruction Manual: Nikon FE2 Camera  Not our reprint; fair quality, good condition.  $5.00

    #92286. Original Instruction Manual: Nikon N2000 Camera  Cover, back cover worn, else ok.  $10.00

    #92240. Original Instruction Manual: Nikon SB-7E/SB-8E Speedlights  Folded once; back cover torn.  $5.00

    #92248. Original Instruction Manual: Olympus FTL Camera  Cover worn, torn slightly in few places.  $8.00

    #92436. Original Instruction Manual: Olympus Infinity Super Zoom 2800 Camera  Cover loose, worn, torn. Contents fine.  $6.00

    #92247. Original Instruction Manual: Olympus OM-2 Camera  Cover worn, slightly torn at spine.  $8.00

    #92328. Original Instruction Manual: Olympus OM-10 Camera  Lot of wear, particularly on cover.  $5.00

    #92420. Original Instruction Manual: Olympus OM10-FC Camera  Cover badly wrinkled; else ok  $6.00

    #92217. Original Instruction Manual: Olympus OM77 AF Camera  Front, back covers worn; few page corners folded; else ok.  $8.00

    #92390. Original Instruction Manual: Olympus Pen EE Camera  Wrinkled from previous moisture damage; text ok.  $5.00

    #92354. Original Instruction Manual: Simmon Brothers Automega D-3 Enlarger  Front and back covers torn, worn, taped; contents ok.  $5.00

    #92447. Reprint Instructions: Pentax IQ Zoom Camera  An ok photocopy.  $5.00

    #92376. Original Instruction Manual: Pentax K1000 Camera  Penned notes on cover; cover shows wear, folds.  $5.00

    #92304. Original Instruction Manual: Pentax K-1000  Scruffy and worn, but complete.  $5.00

    #92220. Original Instruction Manual: Pentax K-1000 Camera  Folded; front and back covers worn, torn. Contents ok.  $5.00

    #92437. Original Instruction Manual: Pentax ME Super Camera  Writing on cover; little wear.  $8.00

    #92424. Original Instruction Manual: Pentax P-3N Camera  Cover ragged on edge; general wear.  $5.00

    #92417. Original Instruction Manual: Pentax SF-10 Camera  Cover soiled; several corners bent; book was folded once. Still fully usable.  $5.00

    #92249. Original Instruction Manual: Pentax Spotmatic IIA  Cover worn, torn, taped; some page corners folded.  $5.00

    #92459. Original Instruction Manual: Pentacon/Praktica Super TL Camera  Worn.  $6.00

    #92425. Original Instruction Manual: Ricoh KR-5 Super Camera  Cover worn, marked; contents ok.  $6.00

    #92419. Original Instruction Manual: Ricoh KR-10 Super Camera  Cover worn, loose; else ok  $6.00

    #92360. Original Instruction Manual: Ricoh RZ-770 Camera  Lot of wear to front and back covers, else ok.  $5.00

    #92458. Original Instruction Manual: Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom Super Camera  Cover worn, taped; book restapled.  $5.00

    #92451. Original Instruction Manual: Ricoh XR-P Camera  Cover worn; lot of hi-liting inside by previous owner.  $6.00

    #92461. Original Instruction Manual: Rolleiflex Rolleicord III Camera  Covers worn, torn, taped.  $8.00

    #92399. Original Instruction Manual: Rollei SL-35-ME Camera  cover worn and frayed; contents ok.  $8.00

    #92400. Original Instruction Manual: Rollei SL-35-ME Camera  Back cover torn, worn; contents EX.  $8.00

    #92291. Original Instruction Manual: Rolleiflex 2.8E Camera, 1957  badly wrinkled from old dampness; still complete and usable.  $5.00

    #92340. Original Instruction Manual: Rolleiflex 2.8C Camera, 1953  Pages all feel like there was some dampness damage in the past; still reads fine.  $10.00

    #92357. Original Instruction Manual: Sigma SA-300 Camera  Manual was originally issued with English and Japanese; the Japanese section has been removed from this one; also shows wear, pencil notes inside.  $5.00

    #92334. Original Instruction Manual: Stereo Realist f/3.5 Camera  Covers loose, worn, else ok.  $6.00

    #92245. Original Instruction Manual: Realist Stereo Camera f/3.5  page corners folded; back cover quite worn.  $8.00

    #92307. Original Instruction Manual: Vivitar 2500 Flash  Cover taped, worn, else ok.  $5.00

    #92292. Original Instruction Manual: Voigtlander VSL-2 Automatic Camera  Worn, some pages loose; complete and usable.  $8.00

    #92242. Original Instruction Manual: Yashica/Contax G1 Camera  Cover worn, torn, else fine.  $8.00

    #92342. Original Instruction Manual: Yashica Electro 35 GSN/GTN Camera  Cover worn, some pen marks; else ok.  $5.00

    #92472. Original Instruction Manual: Yashica FR-I Camera  Cover badly worn, torn; else ok.  $6.00

    #92337. Original Instruction Manual: Yashica Mat 124-G Camera  Cover taped, worn; contents ok.  $6.00

    #92410. Original Instruction Manual: Yashica TL-Electro-X Camera  disbound, cover taped; contents complete.  $5.00

    #92520. Freytag, H. The Contaflex Way, 1957  Focal: 2nd edition. 312pp, hc, illus. Cover shows wear; contents tight.  $10.00

    #92297. Emanuel, W.D., Contaflex Guide, 1957  92pp, paper, illus. Cover worn, bunch of page corners bent.  $10.00

    #92528.  Infinity Magazine, 1969-1972  American Society of Magazine Photographers. Lot of 24 issues, 1969-1972. Almost every issue contains a portfolio by a noted photographer. Nice assortment, in generally VG+ condition.  $50.00