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Photographical Images
OK, so I coined my own word to describe this page. But it did catch your attention. The images linked here all relate directly to photography -- they are of photographers, of photographic studios or exhibits, or specialized sample photographs from specific cameras, or show photographic equipment.

There has always been a fascination among photographic collectors for directly-related photographic images. I hope you find something here that fascinates you enough to want to add it to your collection.

  • A. Orr, Jr. A self-portrait CDV of this photographer of Glen's Falls, N.Y.

  • Swaim's Photographic Rooms A crisp CDV of the exterior of this gallery in Mount Holly, N.J.

  • J.S. Wooley Stereo View showing the Wooley Gallery in Ballston Spa, N.Y.

  • John K. Hillers Classic stereo view of Hillers with his equipment from the Powell Survey.

  • John K. Hillers From the Powell Survey, stereo view shows camera, tripod, accessories on river shore. Hillers photo.

  • Young Photographer Cabinet card of a young photographer with a camera, by Nicholson & Reiff of DeKalb, Ill.

  • Hawk-Eye Camera Sample photorgaph identified from the Hawk-Eye camera.

  • J. Fennimore Classic stereo view by Fennimore of photographer's boats, from the Powell Survey.

  • Keystone Stereo Cabinet Stereo view by Keystone, "at home", with view cabinet and viewer.

  • Birch-bark Darkroom Pair of stereo views, camp scenes at Lake George, N.Y., by R. Anderson.

  • Photographer's Darkroom Wagon Supremely frustrating stereo view of photographer's wagon by J.R. Martin, Paris, Ill.

  • Photographers with Graflex Cameras 5x7" photo by Paul Thompson, New York, c. 1920's.

  • Tintype of Tintype Gallery

  • Tintype of Tintype Gallery (2)

  • Elmer C. Johnson A CDV portrait, believed to be a photographer or assistant at the gallery of Perkins & Co., Washington, D.C.

  • Floating Photographer's Gallery Stereo view of a floating gallery known as the "Oil Creek Artist" in the oil regions of Pennsylvania.

  • Photographers convention, Cleveland, Ohio, 1870 A pair of stereo views showing the exhibit of E. & H.T. Anthony and other photo manufactuers.

  • Traveling Photographer Super CDV of traveling photographer's tent.

  • Man With Stereo Viewer Undated, unidentified tintype of man with Holmes-type stereo viewer.

  • Howard's Gallery, Plattsburg, NY CDV of exterior of gallery, c. 1880's.

  • George W. Sittler's Gallery, Springfield, Missouri Four stereo views (one exterior, three interior) of this gallery, c. 1880's.

  • Girl With Robinson Viewer CDV By J.R. Tatman, Shelbyville, Ind.

  • Tintype Photographer Multiple self-portrait, c. 1975, by Richard Wolfe, Henry Ford Museum

  • Photographer's Chair Tintype of chair and posing stand.

  • J. Wheeler, Photographer Pair of CDV's of this photographer, Alexandria, Va., 1864.

  • Illinois College of Photography Student body self-portrait, c. 1910.

  • O. R. Wilkinson, Medford, Mass. Three CDV's believed to be Wilkinson, his wife, and mother.

  • G.P. Taylor, Photographer CDV of this photographer in Alexandria, Virginia.

  • Duplex Motion Picture Industries Building c. 1940 photo of the factory in Long Island City, N.Y.

  • Duplex Motion Picture Industries Building c. 1940 photo of the factory in Long Island City, N.Y.

  • Paul Thomas, Photographer, Shamokin, Pa. c. 1940 photo of the photographer's equipment.

  • Timothy O'Sullivan, Wheeler Expedition Stereo View of Survey members with large view camera in New Mexico, credited to O'Sullivan.

  • Watch the Birdie! Or maybe "Hold the Birdie"; c. 1880's cabinet card.

  • Daguerreian Scrip From the Gallery of Jeremiah Gurney.