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Edward Steichen

In 1929, the book Steichen the Photographer was published. Limited to 925 copies, numbered and signed by Steichen and Carl Sandburg, the author (and Steichen's brother-in-law), the book paid tribute to this noted photographer. It included some 50 of Steichen's best photographic work, reproduced in the Knudsen Process. Now, while I do not profess to comprehend this printing process (even after several readings of "An Outline of the Knudsen Process", I understand that while it is a halftone printing process, it is such a fine and accurate process that it borders on gravure reproduction. The bottom line? Steichen images reproduced in this magnificent volume may be the closest thing (in quality) to an actual Steichen photograph that you may ever be able to acquire.

Many years ago, I purchased the printer's over-runs of images from this volume. These were excess plates that were printed in the event that others were in some way defective when it came time to assemble and bind the books. These over-runs were severely limited in quantity; I have a few remaining after having sold them sporadically to a number of private collectors, as well as to institutions such as the International Museum of Photography and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some plates that appeared in the book, I do not have at all.

The key to accepting that these are NOT plates that have been cut from the book itself is the fact that the margins on the plates I am offering are wider than those of the plates in the finished book. These plates were never trimmed to size for inclusion in the book. In fact, I received them as they were originally printed, "ganged" four different images on a large sheet.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a superb, almost unique, image from one of the 20th century's greatest photographers. Each image has a unique story behind it, and was originally selected for publication by Steichen and Sandburg because of what it represented in Steichen's photographic life.

Prices do not include shipping; domestic US insured first class shipping would be between $5-$10, depending on valuation. Matting and framing for effective display is your responsibility. If for any reason you are disappointed with your purchase, it may be returned for a full refund.

  • Steichen Page 1 J. Pierpont Morgan/Laughing Boxes/ Cheruit Gown-1927/ Russian Pupils of Isadora Duncan/ Grasshopper/ Steichen with photographic paraphanlia
  • Steichen Page 2 Improvisation-Front Page/ Gloria Swanson/ Lillian Gish
  • Steichen Page 3 Bee on a Sunflower/ Tennis/ Improvisation-Strange Interlude/ Fred Astaire-Top Hat
  • Steichen Page 4 Father and Son at Breakfast/ Double Sunflower/ Gertrude Lawrence/ Bedroom of Mrs, Morgan Belmont/ Ruth Draper/ Matches and Match Boxes
    Steichen The Photographer
    Page 5

    "Mr. and Mrs. -- The Sandburgs" (1923). Image size is 7-1/2x7-1/4". Price: $125.00

    Click here The Sandburgs for full size image. Then, to return to this page, use your "back" browser button.

    "Wheelbarrow with Flower Pots" (1920). Image size is 7-1/2x9-1/2". Of this image, Sandburg said it suggests "an infinity of terra cotta tubes in mute, inglorious transit... one feels Steichen's long thought and brooding over the fixity of species of life forms." Price: $75.00

    Click here Wheelbarrow for full size image. Then, to return to this page, use your "back" browser button.

    "Harmonica Riddle" (c. 1921). Image size is 7-1/2x9-1/2". Price: $50.00

    Click here Harmonica Riddle for full size image. Then, to return to this page, use your "back" browser button.

    "Peeling Potatoes -- Photograph to illustrate an advertisement of Jergen's Lotion" (1923). Image size is 9-1/2x7-1/2". Price: $45.00

    Click here Peeling Potatoes for full size image. Then, to return to this page, use your "back" browser button.

    "Vionnet Gown - 1925 Fashion photograph". Image size is 7-1/2x9-1/2". Price: $50.00

    Click here Vionnet Gown for full size image. Then, to return to this page, use your "back" browser button.

    "Improvisation -- "What Price Glory?"". Image size is 7-1/2x9-1/2". price: $50.00

    Click here What Price Glory? for full size image. Then, to return to this page, use your "back" browser button.