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I have thousands of pieces of photographic literature in stock, from books and pamphlets to price lists, catalogs, magazines and repair manuals. The index below will link you to specific pages on my website. You can get back to this page by using your "Back" button. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING CHARGES. You can verify shipping charges with me before placing your order or, if you are paying by VISA or MASTERCARD, trust me to ship in the most economical, yet expeditious, way. I ship anywhere in the world. Many smaller and reasonably "flat" items can be shipped UPS 2nd Day Air at our discounted flat rate of $5.00. Any item that does not meet your expectations may be returned for full and prompt refund.

For secure credit card orders, you may use this Order Form. I do NOT have a link to PayPal on this site; please go to your PayPal account, use the "send money" feature, and make payment to john@craigcamera.com if using this option. Otherwise, you may order by e-mail, snail-mail, phone or fax.


Includes Books on Collecting and Photo History, Annuals, General Catalogs, General Movie/Cine Books, and other books on Photorgaphy, arranged alphabetically by author, with sub-sections on flash and lighting, glamour, medium and large format, underwater, photographers, and processes

PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "A" Brands include: Aaton, Adlake, Agfa, Airequipt, Aires, ALPA, Ampro, Angenieux, ANSCO, Arca Swiss, ARGUS, Arriflex, Astro, Auricon

PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "B" Brands include: Baco, Balda, Bausch & Lomb, Beaulieu, BELL & HOWELL, Beseler, Binoculars, Bolex, Bolsey, Bowens, Braun, Broncolor, BRONICA, Burke & James, Busch

PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "C" Brands include: Calumet/Horseman, Cambo, Camerz, Camex, CANON, Carena, Castle Films, Century, Certo, Chinon, Clarus, COLOR, Compur, Computar, Copal, Cosina

PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "D", "E", "F" Brands include: Da-Lite, Dallmeyer, DARKROOM, DeJur, DeVry, Deardorff, Defender/Dupont, Diax, Dionar, Ditto, DuKane, Durst, Eclair, Eiki, Elmo, Elwood, Emerson, Eumig, EXAKTA (Ihagee), Fairchild, FAWCETT Publications, Federal, FILTERS, Fotoflex, Fotron, FUJICA, Futura

PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "G", "H" Brands include: General Electric, Goerz, Goldstar, Gossen, GRAFLEX, Gundlach, HASSELBLAD, Heitz, Hitachi, Honeywell

PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "I", "J" Brands include: Ica, Ilex, Ilford, IMAGE-Related, JVC


PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "K", "L" Brands include: Kalart, Kalimar, Kalostat, Kardon, Keystone, Kilfitt, Kinoptic, KODAK RETINA, Komura, KONICA, Korelle, Kowa, Kozy, Kyocera (see YASHICA), LaBelle, Laack, Lafayette, Lenco, LENS BOOKS, Linfoh, Lord

PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "M" Brands include: MPO, MPP, Magnasync/Moviola, Magnavox, Magnin, MAMIYA, Mansfield, Mauer, Meopta, Meridian, METERS, Metz, Meyer, MICROSCOPE, MILITARY, 3-M, MINOLTA, Miranda, Mitchell, Mitsubishi, Montgomery Ward, Morton, Motiograph

PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "N" Brands include: NEC, NVO, National Neoca, Neumade, NIKON, Nizo, Noblex, Norman, Novoflex

PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "O", "P" Brands include: OLYMPUS, Omega, Optika, Optisonics, PANASONIC, Panon, Paramount, Pathe/Pathex, PENTAX, Perfex, Periflex, PETERSEN PUBLICATIONS, Petri, Philips, Photogenic, Pinkham, Plaubel, Polaroid, Post, Powers, Praktica, Premo, Prinzflex, Prontor

PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "Q", "R" Brands include: Quasar, Quick-Set, RCA, Rectaflex, GENERAL REPAIR (including SPT Journals and Camera Craftsman magazine), Revere, Ricoh, Robot, Rochester Camera Co., Rodenstock, ROLLEIFLEX, Rollop, Ross, Round Shot

PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "S" Brands include: SEI, Saltzman, Samsung, Sankyo, Sanyo, Schacht, Schneider, Scott, Scovill, Sea & Sea, Sears, SEPT, Sharp, Siemens, Sigma, Silvestri, Simplex, SINAR, Singer, Smith-Victor, Solar, SONY, Spartus, Spencer, Steinheil, Stewart, SUBMINIATURE, Sunpak, Sylvania, Synchro-Reflex, Synctron

PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "T", "U", "V", "W" Brands include: Tamron, Tanaka, Technicolor, Telex, Topcon, Toshiba, Toyo, Ultrablitz, Universal (Univex), Varioflex, Victor, Vidax, Viewlex, Vivitar, Voigtlander, Warner, Weber, Welta, Widelux, Wirgin, Wista, Wittnauer, Wollensak

PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE "Y", "Z" Brands include: YASHICA (Kyocera), ZEISS, Zenit, Zenith Electronics, Zoomar